WhatsApp now boasts of 1 billion daily active users

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That's despite it being relegated to a secondary dedicated tab in the app, opposed to being front and center on the home screen like Instagram Stories which also now has over 250 million users.

To recall, in 2014 the messaging platform had around 450 million monthly users when it was acquired by the social media giant Facebook. Instant messaging service WhatsApp has reached the milestone of 1bn daily users. He also announced that 100 million people joined groups, and 2 billion messages were sent between people and businesses every month.

Yes, your favourite messenger platform has more than a billion people using it on any given day.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg in its quarterly results said Facebook enjoys over 2 billion users in total, with 1.3 billion people using it every day. Since than the user base of app grown rapidly. past year whatsapp announce that the app reaches 1 Billion monthly active users.

The WhatsApp Messenger app is available for Android on Google Play. The chat app now supports 60 languages and users exchange 4.5 billion photos per day. We have been getting an increasing number of reports about them over the past couple of days.

Facebook recently updated the file sharing feature, letting users share a file of any format. WhatsApp's Status feature that is pretty much the same thing as Snapchat's Stories has 250million daily active users whereas Snapchat itself has only 166 million daily users of the entire app. That means a remarkably high 76% of WhatsApp's monthly users come back daily. It then asks you to update your payment information, stating that your one-year free trial period has ended.

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