UK-US trade deal could be 'big and exciting'



U.S. President Donald Trump has said his administration would work hard to get a quick bilateral trade deal done.

"The EU itself estimates that 90 percent of global growth in the next decade will come from outside Europe", he said, "and I believe as the head of an worldwide economic department that this is an exciting opportunity for the work even more closely with our largest single trading partner, the U.S".

However, as soon as Britain leaves the European Union, so-called Big Food lobbyists in America will be pushing any potential US-UK trade deal to include such controversial products.

Fox's noting of the time constraints came a week since he suggested politics rather than economics would be the main obstacle to any trade deal with the European Union and a day after he shifted gears on the length of any implementation phase from a "few months" to potentially as long as 25 months.

Europeans don't wash their chicken in chlorine because of fears it allows farmers to be less hygienic at earlier stages of the poultry-raising process; any nasty bugs and germs can just be washed off by chemicals at the end.

At a breakfast meeting for members of the House of Representatives, Mr Fox said his twin objectives were to provide certainty for foreign investors ahead of Brexit and to expand the volume and value of trade with the US.

British Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox arrived in the United States with a team of negotiators Monday and is reported to have been setting up "working groups" to explore possibilities for future deals.

But the Brexit Secretary said the rights will be enforced by Britain's courts, which are known around the world for being "trustworthy".

Davis was also asked by reporters about allowing meat imports after Brexit from countries where standards might not be so high as in the United Kingdom, after Fox on Monday dismissed the issue of letting in US chlorine-rinsed chicken as a "detail". I think we will fund a way of avoiding tariffs in the future. The Treasury said the report shows why it is "vitally important" to secure the "very best deal" on Brexit.

Theresa May's official spokesperson sought to reassure British consumers, saying: "Our position when it comes to food is that maintaining the safety and public confidence in the food we eat is of the highest priority".

Campaign group Open Britain challenged Fox to eat chlorine-washed chicken live on television, after reports said he was "open" to lifting the ban.

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