Microsoft Paint Isn't Going Anywhere

A scene from the movie'Jaws, recreated in MS Paint

A scene from the movie'Jaws, recreated in MS Paint

Taking Paint's place in the start menu (if not in our hearts) is the new Paint 3D which, Microsoft was keen to point out in its blog, has a lot of the functionality of the old app.

The application, which has been featured on every Windows release since 1985, was listed as "Deprecated" in the company's Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. In an announcement at the beginning of this week, Microsoft included MS Paint among features that would be "removed or deprecated" in the forthcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, first reported the Guardian. You'll have to grab it instead from the Windows Store for free.

That means you can't install it by default with Windows.

Saunders didn't say when Paint would be transitioned over to a Store app, nor did she mention whether it would still be developed-or just preserved in amber. In future iterations of Windows, MS Paint will look archaic as it will no longer be given the attention others applications are going to get.

MS Paint has been alive and well for the past 32 YEARS! Yes, you will be able to use Paint, but you'll have to do not forget to go to the Windows Store to download the app.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is set to launch this Autumn, and could be released as early as September. The new Paint 3D app is also designed from grounds up taking into account the changes the computing industry itself has evolved into off late.

The 32-year-old drawing tool will remain with the users. The company was not the first to add new features to Paint when compared to the competition and the additions came gradually.

While Paint will be available for download from the Windows Store, that's not the same as being a core part of Windows.

Paint 3D comes with most of the goodies of MS Paint and a powerful 3D content creation mechanism.

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