Users Report Incredibly Scary OnePlus 5 911 Bug

The One Plus 5

The One Plus 5

Users on Reddit are recommending OnePlus 5 users call their local police department's non-emergency number and arrange a test call to check if their handset is affected.

When you dial 911, the device is created to report your location to the operator so that they can dispatch the emergency services to your exact location. A handful of OnePlus 5 owners have complained that the device will reboot itself once 911 is called, preventing them from reaching emergency services.

The bug of the OnePlus 5 rebooting when you dial 911 can be seen in the video below from Nick Morelli which was posted on Facebook. Users who have the issue should have a backup phone or a landline just in case. There's a video floating around of the phone rebooting when dialing 911, if you're curious.

When we tried to replicate the problem on our OnePlus 5 model at the office, we found that the phone worked properly.

Reddit users speculate the issue might have something to do with the phone's GPS feature, and that it's blocking any emergency line that uses the GPS system to provide location data to the operator.

OnePlus did not immediately respond to PCMag's request for comment but told TheNextWeb that it's aware of the problem.

"We have contacted the customer and are now looking into the issue", the company said, according to the report. Last month, users complained of a "jelly scrolling" issue plaguing the handset's display.

The problem doesn't appear to be affecting every single OnePlus 5 owners, but the problem is widespread enough to still be incredibly risky. This is natural and there's no variance in screens between devices.

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