Conor McGregor Reportedly Knocked Out During Training For Mayweather Fight

Cynthia Calvillo and Joanne Calderwood

GETTY Cynthia Calvillo lands a right hand flush on Joanne Calderwood's face

'I don't see him out-pointing Floyd in a boxing match.

The tension between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has fans of McGregor riled up.

In homage to this pretty wonderful fashion moment, someone has gone and gotten the same pattern tattooed on their skin.

We understand why people get tattoos to glorify their icons, but this is definitely going a bit too far.

But while the PR circus continues to ramp up interest in the event, former two-weight boxing champion Jessie Vargas has claimed that McGregor, 29, was knocked out during sparring by fellow UFC star Bradley Wheeler.

"My take is if I ain't seen no footage, I don't believe it". On Monday night, shortly after the story about McGregor getting knocked out started making the rounds, Fight Hype caught up with Mayweather.

Brandon Rios also confirmed that he had never sparred with McGregor, insisting that he did not know who he was, nor had he ever met the mixed martial artist. So I don't know how I've managed to do this with one leg! Even when I was a prospect and I helped champions get ready for their fights, it was mostly at home where I came up in Gleason's Gym in NY, where there's so many champions training there. I actually wanna (sic) put some money on it.

"It's going great, I've just turned professional with Matchroom and I've had two professional fights, two wins and two knockouts so the future is looking bright and I'm fighting again in September in Liverpool so it is my homecoming", he said. "That's just the way sparring goes, especially at a world-class championship level in the gym at sparring".

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