Nevada Parole Board Determining OJ's Fate Next Week

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Michael Mc Clinton testifies during the O.J. Simpson trial at the Clark County Regional Justice Center

With a parole hearing for O.J. Simpson scheduled for next week, ABC's 20/20 tracked down some of those involved in the Las Vegas armed robbery attempt. ESPN, along with over two dozen news organizations, plan to cover the former football star's parole hearing this Thursday from Nevada.

He has been behind bars since his conviction on armed robbery and kidnapping charges nine years ago. According to sources, OJ is anxious about the media's presence during his hearing because it might persuade the parole board to deny his release.

Simpson was convicted after breaking into a Las Vegas hotel room on September 13, 2007, with the help of several other men and stealing sports memorabilia he claimed belonged to him. "The media still portrays him in a negative light because he was acquitted of the murders [of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman]".

While it would seem weird to continue to focus on this guy, FX's hit American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, as well as ESPN's Oscar winning five-part documentary O.J.: Made in America, have proven that the accused murderer that audiences just can't get enough of.

"I said 'So O.J., what if they call the police?'" Simpson's friend Walter Alexander recalled.

Scotto said that Simpson has been leading a prayer group, mentoring other inmates, and has had jobs in the prison, even serving as commissioner of the softball team in the prison yard.

Scotto, 55, said he met Simpson 21 years ago when Scotto's brother had a chance encounter with Simpson and invited him for dinner.

However, in 1997, Simpson was found liable for wrongful death in civil court and was ordered to pay the victims' families $33 million.

"I don't want to offer an opinion", said Caldwell.

The four board members considering Simpson's case can free him by a simple majority vote.

The Associated Press spoke to David Roger, who prosecuted Simpson in the robbery case, and he thinks that Simpson has a good shot at parole.

"Simpson's age, the fact that he was given parole on the first sentencing batch, weigh in his favor", Hill told CNN.

The board said it was meeting with a majority of members so that it could make its decision there and then.

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