Amazon Anytime Could Join the Messaging Market, Inc. (AMZN) Testing A Messaging App Called Anytime

Now, Amazon eyes messaging app

The giant is reportedly aiming at having its own personal app which will be called Anytime, meant to rival the Facebook Messenger. We don't know. It will offer encryption, voice and video call functionality, sticks, easier group chats, and more. The app's marketing material claims that users can 'encrypt important messages (like bank account details)'.

Amazon has also confirmed that you will only need your name, and not your phone number for this chat service. This could imply possible connections with other existing social networking sites.

Retail giant to dip its toes in the hotly contested messaging space with Anytime and it is one of the most ambitious Amazon's tech projects in recent times.

We'll keep an eye on the development and report any new findings as they come out. You will also be able to share photos with your friends by @-mentioning them, and even apply filters and effects to them.

Still, it remains a question what Anytime will look like, how it'll function, and most importantly, how it'll differ from other messaging platforms.

The messaging service, called Anytime, will allow users to send messages, videos and photos, according to a report by AFTV news. Called Anytime, the app will reportedly be available across iOS, Android and even desktop, and will combine features of numerous other most-used apps. Amazon says that with Anytime, users will be able to get super service on their terms, make reservations, check on orders, and shop. It's important that Amazon's Anytime app is not an overkill and retains the focus on the essentials.

If at all Amazon decides to launch it in India, then I am sure it is going to have UPI integrated into its system.

Amazon wants to throw their hands in everything that comes their way. CNBC reached out to Amazon for comment but a spokesperson was not immediately available.

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