FBI's Search for 4 Missing Pennsylvania Men Leads to an Arrest

Police Search for 2 Missing Bucks County Teen Boys

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DiNardo was jailed earlier Wednesday in lieu of $5 million bail for allegedly stealing and trying to sell the vehicle another of the missing men, 21-year-old Thomas Meo. Mark Sturgis, 22, and Tom Meo, 21, were reported missing late Sunday. Cosmo DiNardo's attorney said earlier today that he admitted to killing the four men.

DiNardo was initially arrested on Monday on charges relating to illegal possession of a shotgun and ammunition. Levittown Now reported that Dinardo was suffering from mental illness, which hypothetically could have disqualified him from gun ownership. DiNardo was held on $1 million bail in Bucks County Jail.

Kratz, who DiNardo described as his cousin, had a hand in three of the four murders, according to officials.

Local authorities were searching for the bodies of four young men who all disappeared last week.

They have confirmed that the remains discovered are those of 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro, one of the missing men.

The person with knowledge of the confession said one of the men was killed July 5 and the other three were killed July 7.

DiNardo admits his "participation" in four murders, his attorney Paul Lang says, and tells investigators where the bodies are buried.

Released on bail on Tuesday on $100K, DiNardo was arrested a day later after it was revealed he'd tried to sell the automobile of one of the reported missing men over the weekend. As part of DiNardo's admission, prosecutors will take the death penalty off the table.

Although there are indications that some or all of the men knew one another, investigators are working to confirm that information and the extent of any connections, Weintraub said.

The case began days before 19-year-old Finocchiaro's body was recovered.

A friend of DiNardo's told HuffPost earlier this week that DiNardo's behavior was altered after he suffered a head injury in a dirt bike accident a few months ago.

"We've been treating this from the outset as a criminal investigation, and nothing has deterred that to this point", Weintraub said, according to NBC.

The FBI searched for signs of the missing men using heavy equipment at a large property owned by DiNardo's family.

Weintraub said a cadaver-sniffing dog led authorities to a 12.5-foot deep "common grave" in an isolated 68-acre Pennsylvania farm in the Solebury Township that was under investigation.

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