Schefter: "Growing Sense" Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended

Ezekiel Elliott may be suspended when Cowboys play Broncos

Ezekiel Elliott may be suspended when Cowboys play Broncos

While it certainly can be accurate to report that Ezekiel Elliott "could be bracing for a short suspension", a Dallas Cowboys source tells me the front office is, as of noon-time Friday, unaware of a coming National Football League suspension for the star running back. A few weeks ago, he hinted at potential discipline heading Elliott's way.

Schefter said Elliott still has to respond to the NFL's findings and the report it sent him on its investigation, and that there's a chance the running back could miss one and possibly two games. But it is definitely far along into the process. He may not be worth a top-five selection in fantasy drafts with a potential suspension looming, but Zeke remains an elite RB1 heading into his second National Football League season. But I think that Zeke Elliott is bracing for a short suspension here in the coming weeks.

"We'll see how that impacts the season". The team opens with the NFC East rival New York Giants before facing the Denver Broncos in Week 2.

Not made any final determinations.

"The NFL is looking to pin something on him", one source familiar with the investigation told ESPN. She says she's Elliott ex-girlfriend, although he claims they were just friends. Sports Illustrated wrote about it in detail past year. Whatever help the Dallas Cowboys do get would likely not be a major player - McFadden and Morris would likely shoulder the brunt of the carries, so another running back would help give depth or in third-down situations, making up for some of Elliott's prowess in the passing game.

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