#Fontgate as Pakistan PM's daughter 'caught out' in corruption probe

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The PML-N's parliamentary leaders were of the view that foreign directors and internal actors were involved in the conspiracy against Sharif family, and said the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report was a compilation of contradictions. The investigators said Nawaz's claims are completely false and that it can prove she owned properties managed by Minerva Services for which she is the ultimate benefactor.

Opposition Leader in National Assembly Khursheed Shah said Nawaz Sharif had lost moral authority to stay in his position, urging him to nominate another candidate for the office so that the government could complete its five-year term.

An official statement said the representatives of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) reiterated their confidence in the party leadership and branded the JIT report a compilation of documents based on hypotheses and lies.

He said a narrative was being tried to be built since the report was submitted to the court. But Sharif's allies dismissed the inquiry report as "trash".

The daughter of Pakistan's prime minister has become subject of ridicule in her home country after forensic experts cast doubts on documents central to her defence against corruption allegations.

ARY News has reported via its sources close to Prime Minister that the narrative of resignation within the party is now gaining strength. But Pakistan "does not need and can not afford the distraction of an incumbent Prime Minister fighting corruption charges in the courts".

If the SC decides to implement the report, perhaps by next week, Sharif might either be removed or, at the very least, be rendered completely ineffectual. Pakistan's opposition parties are now calling for Sharif's resignation.

"They [the Sharif family] used to say that we're presenting accounts for the last three generations for scrutiny - what we have found instead is that the report has exposed all three generations of the first family as thieves", said the PPP chairman.

The Prime Minister said there is not a single case of corruption or malpractice against Shahbaz Sharif and myself during our tenures in the past.

The charge was led by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, whose Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf party has spearheaded the push against Sharif.

The prime minister asked if there was any corruption of even a rupee in any of the motorway or energy projects initiated by the PML-N government.

Sharif, the son of an industrialist, will have his fate decided by the Supreme Court, which could disqualify him or order a trial.

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