RED Hydrogen One Supports AR, VR, MR, & Holographic Content

RED announces new $1195 Android phone with 5.7-inch

Hydrogen One Is Camera Maker Red's First Smartphone

The company also gave an overview of Hydrogen's features saying that the phone has a professional holographic display which "seamlessly switches between traditional 2D content, 3D content and interactive games.".

The company claims that the Hydrogen's screen will be capable of displaying standard 2D and 3D content as well as 2D/3D AR, VR, and MR without the use of glasses or a headset.

The RED Hydrogen One also comes with software that uses the company's H3O algorithm that converts stereo sound into "expansive multi-dimensional audio". Red boasts of enabling users to experience "look around depth" with Hydrogen One's holographic display. "No one wants to drag around another piece of gear that has to be charged every day", said Jim Jannard, RED chairman to Forbes. Overall, this is certainly an intriguing device, though given the price - high even for an unlocked, multi band smartphone - and the lingering questions we could forgive you for keeping your credit card in your wallet.

The Aluminum version will ship for $1,195, and the Titanium version will ship for $1,595.

At a later date this year, more accessories for the Hydrogen One Media Machine will be sold separately. It will likely not enable the holographic communications featured in various science fiction movies, but it is unclear what exactly users can expect from the Hydrogen One's holographic display. Moreover, the company has named this smartphone, Hydrogen.

The company says the current pricing is for limited time only, and those ordering early will also receive a "special small token". Although, what is clear is that as it is coming from RED, it is one which places a good deal of focus on the camera capabilities.

If RED can deliver in real what it promises, the Hydrogen One would actually be worth the price.

While most specifications are still a bit of a mystery, we're told the Hydrogen One will be a modular product in the vein of the Moto Z lineup, which means it will support add-ons for shooting high-quality video and images. However, no modules will be available at launch.

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