Kim Kardashian Pissed At JAY-Z For Taking 'Low Blows' At Kanye

Kanye Diss, a Miss

Kim Kardashian Pissed At JAY-Z For Taking 'Low Blows' At Kanye

The two families posed for a happy photo together, and it's nearly like Yeezy is sending a message to Jay-Z that he doesn't need him anymore.

When Tidal didn't respond by meeting his request, Kanye reportedly had his lawyer send a letter to the company around a month ago, alleging breach of contract and asserting that the relationship had been terminated.

West was one of the first artists to join Jay Z's streaming service at its launch in 2015; his 2016 album The Life of Pablo was originally released as a Tidal exclusive.

West is now mired in a dispute with Tidal - which is owned by his longtime collaborator JAY-Z - after he left the streaming service due to disagreements over what is owed to him, according to TMZ. "This Tidal Apple beef is fucking up the music game", he wrote.

In Jay's new album, he makes reference to his friendship with Kanye, and seems to have no regrets about how things turned out with his former BFF.

Neither Kanye or Tidal have spoken publicly about this issue.

However, insiders say Tidal is refusing to pay because Kanye allegedly hasn't delivered all of the videos promised in his contract.

According to TMZ, West has insisted that Tidal owes him about $3 million.

When Tidal runs out of albums to exclusively stream, it could start making coverage of its legal battles available to subscribers on an exclusive basis.

Hov took multiple shots at 'Ye on his new album 4:44, one of which suggests Kanye has lost his mind.

"Shout-out to Jay-Z - he did it again".

2 Chainz' family and Kanye West's family get together for dinner.

Neither West, who has closed his Twitter and Instagram accounts, nor Tidal have commented publicly.

TMZ also reports that West doesn't want to enter into any other exclusive album release contracts for any of his albums in the future anymore.

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