France's Emmanuel Macron says he will lift state of emergency 'this autumn'

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- Lift the country's state of emergency later this year.

However the French president is facing criticism over the address, with far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélénchon accusing him of behaving like a "pharoah".

Macron was also mocked in the media, with left-wing newspaper Liberation running a caricature of the president as Jupiter descending from the clouds complete with toga and lightning bolts, under the headline: "Manupiter at Versailles".

But Macron believes the office was demeaned by the down-to-earth style of predecessor Francois Hollande.

In his 90-minute speech, during which TV cameras caught ministers dozing, Macron said, as he did throughout the election campaign, that he wanted to unite the French around a "conquest spirit" that he said had been lacking, whether "during the still years, or the agitated years" - an allusion to the presidencies of socialist François Hollande and conservative Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mr Macron said he would maintain France's military interventions against extremists overseas.

Abbas is expected to have a discussion with Macron on the resolutions of the worldwide Mideast peace conference.

It would also allow authorities to act without requiring permission from the court in taking greater powers in securing areas or events which it perceives to be at risk.

" It will operate alongside the Barkhane, a 4,000-strong French anti-terrorism force in the region and the MINUSMA, a United Nations mission in Mali".

The centrist president, who enjoys a large majority in parliament, said he hoped lawmakers would adopt the changes within a year but reserved the right to organise a referendum "if necessary".

Under his plan, the number of Assembly members would be cut from 577 to 385, and Senate members from 348 to 232.

On Sunday, Macron denounced the abduction of Sophie Petronin, vowing that his government will "put all our energy towards eradicating" the armed groups involved in the abduction.

He called for a "new generation of leaders" to lead a revival of the European Union at a time where it is facing one of the most hard periods in its recent history.

"I will re-establish the freedoms of the French people by lifting the state of emergency this autumn, because these freedoms are the precondition of the existence of a strong democracy", Macron said in an address to both houses of parliament.

The deployment of yet another force, discussed on Sunday, is part of a huge security build-up in the Sahel, where foreign military presence has increased in the last few years.

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