Jeff Teague gives Timberwolves a renewed point of attack

Ricky Rubio has played six seasons with Minnesota

Ricky Rubio has played six seasons with Minnesota. More

Rubio has been on the trading block for months and he'll return to it immediately again if the Jazz re-sign Hill. Seeing as Butler and Wiggins likewise aren't knockdown shooters from deep, the Wolves made a decision to swap Rubio out for a point guard who could provide slightly more spacing.

The pick - which will be lottery-protected - originally belonged to Oklahoma City and was acquired by Utah in a previous deal.

He's not a tremendous deep shooter, having matched his career average at 36 percent on 3-pointers last season in Indiana.

"At 6'4", he's also long and skilled enough to execute Utah's defensive strategies. If a signing of Lowry doesn't work out or a trade of Rubio isn't possible but one for Dieng arises, the Wolves could possibly make a run at Paul Millsap, the versatile Atlanta Hawks power forward.

The 6-foot-2 guard was listed on ESPN at No. 10 on a list of top free agents available this season. Although, teams will have to pay him more respect and fight harder through screens than they did for Rubio.

On the negative side though, Rubio's weaknesses have been well-documented for years now.

If Iguodala decides to go elsewhere or resign with Golden State, some other options for the Wolves in that role could be Arron Afflalo, coming of a season with a three-point percentage of 41.1%, PJ Tucker, who although isn't a great shooter, is a fantastic wing defender who would thrive under Thibs, or maybe Nick Young, another 40% shooter, though he is more likely to stay in one of the bigger markets. When penetrating, he'll exhaust all opportunities to create for a teammates before he puts up a shot of his own. When combined with Andrew Wiggins' breathtakingly bad clutch free-throw shooting numbers, that led opponents to hack him late in games. No matter what happens during Utah's very uncertain 2017 offseason, Rubio will be a better fit with them than he was ever going to be with the Wolves. Joe Ingles is a restricted free agent, while Shelvin Mack is an unrestricted free agent. Hayward has reportedly made it known that he would like Hill back with the Jazz.

To help depress those who lost in the deal even more and make those who won feel even better about themselves, here are five winners and losers from the Rubio deal to the Jazz. Combined with the trade of Kris Dunn, the Wolves have jettisoned two defense-first point guards as they attempt to get more playmakers in their backcourt.

Rubio's reputation around the National Basketball Association has unfairly taken a hit as his shooting has never developed, but he's one of the best defensive point guards in the National Basketball Association and remains an extraordinarily gifted passer.

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