Illinois Lawmakers Expect Budget Vote Today

After almost two years without a state budget lawmakers in Illinois are scrambling to hammer out a deal before the fiscal year ends Friday


IL hasn't approved a full-year budget in the past two fiscal years, operating instead on a series of continuing resolutions while Rauner and his Democratic foes wrangle over the state's legislative agenda.

Cardenas said the lack of a budget affects the state's roads and traffic lights, because there's no money to fix them.

Illinois, which has gone a record-setting two straight years without a complete spending plan due to an impasse between its Republican governor and Democratic legislature, is poised to start fiscal 2018 on Saturday budget-less again. That's because House Speaker Michael Madigan is making his own non-budget demands.

Mr. Durkin's remarks prompted a standing ovation from House Republicans and many Democrats.

A federal judge Friday found IL non-compliant with its Medicaid payments, ruling the state must pay $293 million a month and $1 billion over the next year to help mitigate the $3 billion it owes to health-care providers.

The impasse has ballooned the unpaid bill pile to almost $15 billion as the state operated on spending mandated by state law and courts. "If lawmakers fail to reach agreement on a budget with provisions created to reduce the state's structural deficit, it's likely we will again lower the ratings".

Without a budget, the state comptroller will be unable to cover basic services ordered by courts, road construction and Powerball ticket sales could halt, and the state's credit rating could be downgraded to "junk". So, the question remains: If the budget passes without any reforms, what will he do later to fix the state's disaster?

House Democrats are advancing legislation this week created to get a budget deal by appeasing Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner on the tangential issues he's demanded.

Taking the floor after the vote, Madigan thanked Republicans for their support: "I think it's a good step forward, a step we can build upon". "The fight about the other stuff can come later".

After the vote was tallied, House Speaker Michael Madigan said IL won't meet the midnight deadline to pass a budget before the fiscal year ends. They want more of the same - more spending and higher taxes.

"There's much work yet to be done", Madigan said. "We know that IL needs a bipartisan solution".

The announcement by Madigan, a Chicago Democrat, came just a day after a harmonious House, tired of the two-year standoff with Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, overwhelmingly approved a $36.5 billion spending plan on a preliminary vote.

- MAP grants for needy college and university students would be funded.

Consolidated customers who would normally receive direct funding or service reimbursements from the state are having trouble getting these payments, Smith said.

Friday is the final day of Illinois' fiscal year. "That will eliminate the structural budget deficit, pay off the unpaid bills and establish a reserve fund", said Jay Henderson, chairman of the Civic Committee's tax policy task force.

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