Trump wants to use energy for 'global leadership'

Supreme Court delivers legal victory to President Trump on travel and refugee order

Rick Perry gets handsy with Sarah Huckabee Sanders at briefing

Unlike Sean Spicer and Sarah Hauckabee Sanders, the usual suspects sent to the White House Press Room podium, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the former Texas governor, looked like he was having fun, at least.

Perry did not not dispute that the temperature is changing worldwide and man is has had an impact on it at Tuesday's televised White House briefing.

As ABC News reported, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Monday the Trump administration is confident officials can "pave the path toward USA energy dominance" by exporting oil, gas and coal to worldwide markets, and promoting nuclear energy and even renewables such as wind and solar power. "It's just totally out of reach", he said. "The idea that we can't have an intellectual conversation about just what are the actual impacts of climate change.Let's just talk about it, what's wrong with that?" "So why not have a conversation about that?"

Skeptics such as George Mitchell resisted "settled science"-including the notion that oil and gas reserves were all but depleted, he said". A luddite.' I don't buy that.

'I can be convinced.but let's talk about it, ' he stated.

Despite the heaps of global research on these impacts, this a coded line of questioning that many Republicans in Congress lean on, particularly Texas' own Lamar Smith, the chair of the House science committee who's accused multiple government agencies of falsifying climate change data. "It's just - you know that's not true".

"Sure. Is that okay? We're going to put it back in your hands". "How much effect is what is at debate here", he said.

REPORTER: I'm putting it out this way: You are saying that climate change, man has accepted climate change, and the discussion is about what we do with it, not whether or no we have affected it? "So going forward, that's resolved", a reporter asked.

Swiping at former President Barack Obama, Perry said he watched during past eight years as policymaking was driven by political agendas. How much effect is what's at debate here?

The nation's power grid may or may not have reliability issues if too many renewables are added to the energy mix, according to conflicting statements by Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Commissioner Colette D. Honorable.

Perry was asked about Trump's efforts to pursue a "better" Paris climate deal-after the administration's withdrawal from the worldwide agreement in June-and admitted, "I've never asked the president what a better deal is". Additionally, the administration could expand opportunities for exporting USA energy by seeking to undo an Obama-era ban on the Export-Import Bank financing coal plants overseas.

The Brayton Point Power Station, New England's largest and one of its last coal-fired power plants, appears on a cloudy day, Wednesday, May 31, 2017, in Somerset, Mass. So why would we sign on to an agreement that is not holding other people to account and asking us to give $3 billion?

In fact, the Trump administration may be exacerbating nuclear's problems by proposing cuts to programs that help deploy emerging technologies, Freed said. I agree with them it's nonsense, ' Perry said.

"First we'll attack the conventional wisdom that says you can't drive the economy without harming the environment", Perry said.

"Isn't that what the scientists have done?" the reporter asked. I don't think there is - I mean, this is America. "In my Senate committee, I said let's - Senate hearing - I said let's have a conversation about the blue team and red team getting together and talking this out", Perry said.

Unlike Perry, however, Pruitt tried to provide a more nuanced policy response.

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