Samsung Signs Deal to Build US Home Appliance Plant

Samsung to open $380 million appliance manufacturing plant in Newberry County

Samsung to Invest $380 Million in South Carolina Factory for Home Appliances

The new plant will produce the company's line of home appliances and will employ a broad range of workers, including craftsman, operators, engineers, technical and non-technical positions. Samsung began considering expanding its USA production base about three years ago and initiated discussions with SC in the fall of 2016.

The Newberry facility will make home appliances including washing machines starting early next year. As with their semiconductor facility in Austin, Texas, Samsung plans to hire locally and invest in the community in a variety of ways.

The South Korean firm had launched talks to build a factory in the United States as worries about protectionist policies under U.S. President Donald Trump put pressure on global companies to generate jobs there.

Yoon Boo-keun, CEO of Samsung's consumer electronics division, signed a letter of intent to build a new factory in Newberry, South Carolina at a hotel in Washington Wednesday.

Samsung Electronics America described the plant as a "state of the art" facility and alluded in a news release to incentives granted by the state government as a factor in the decision.

At the plant, they'll be making household appliances as well as conducting research and working on new developments.

The board of Santee Cooper, South Carolina's state-owned utility, approved a $2.75 million grant for Samsung on Monday, said spokeswoman Mollie Gore. As a result, Newberry County was chosen as the final choice due to skillful people within the county, developed supply network, infrastructures for shipping network, and smooth partnership between local society and a business.

Samsung had been considering building a new production facility in the United States for the past three years.

It said it has invested more than US$10 billion in the U.S. over the past 18 months, including its US$8 billion acquisition of automotive technology manufacturer Harman International Inc., which was announced previous year. Samsung and LG washers made outside the country are now under safeguard investigation by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) upon compliant by U.S. washer maker Whirlpool that had lost its top position in the U.S. washing machine market to Samsung Electronics.

The investments include an $8 billion acquisition of Connecticut-based HARMAn International, $1.2 billion to US -based Internet of Things R&D and investments, a $1 billion expansion of its semiconductor facility in Austin, Texas, and the acquisition of Dacor, a luxury home appliance company in Los Angeles.

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