Holyrood committee to review Scottish tower block safety

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TWITTER PM Theresa May has tweeted assurances about the evacution

The government has revealed a number of tower blocks are at risk after cladding failed fire safety tests.

The tests come amid widening worries about the safety of high-rise apartment blocks across the United Kingdom following the inferno that engulfed Grenfell Tower on June 14, killing at least 79 people.

The Department for Communities and Local Government said all buildings examined so far had failed the test.

"There were also concerns that some fire doors in the building are not working as they should", Daly continued, "meaning that in the event of a fire it could spread to other parts of the building".

Chalcots estate, Swiss Cottage - Camden Council has already started removing cladding from five towers on the estate, with 24/7 fire patrols carried out until all the panels have been removed.

The safety of Scotland's high-rise flats is to be examined by a Holyrood committee following the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London.

Cladding is tested on flats after the Grenfell Tower fire.

Downing Street said last week the 600 tower blocks in England encased in cladding were not necessarily the same type of material as was installed on Grenfell Tower.

Arconic, the company that supplied the combustible cladding to a distributor for use at Grenfell, was accused of ignoring the hazardous nature of such panels despite knowing the fire risk they pose, according to company e-mails dating from 2014 and seen by Reuters.

Camden Council says it will remove cladding from five towers after tests raised concerns about its safety.

The marshals will also ensure people know and understand the fire safety procedures for their blocks and in particular their routes to fire exits.

Test results from the other blocks, Harvist Estate and Brunswick Estate, are yet to be returned, the council said.

Schools and hospitals anxious about fire risk in the wake of the Grenfell disaster are being urged to make use of the Government's building material testing facility.

On Friday night about 4,000 people were moved out of high-rises in north London fitted with the same cladding as that involved in the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The tower blocks are among 600 buildings across the country being tested for potentially unsafe cladding, or siding, in light of the blaze that left the apartment block a charred shell.

Residents challenged Georgia Gould, leader of the council, yesterday over plans for evacuation, and about 200 people were refusing to leave the tower blocks until they were told that they would have somewhere to go.

"It was perfectly safe before, despite what they are saying now - I believe I am safe in there".

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, local authorities across the United Kingdom have scrambled to identify other buildings that potentially have the same risk. He says D.C. and three states - Minnesota, Indiana and MA - have exempted cladding from NFPA 285 testing.

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