Congressional Baseball game has tender moments, day after shooter injures 5

The bullet traveled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding.

"I think that an excellent recovery is a good possibility", Dr. Jack Sava, director of trauma at MedStar Washington Hospital Center said at a news conference Friday afternoon.

Scalise was shot Wednesday morning when a gunman opened fire at Republicans' congressional baseball practice in Alexandria.

Lobbyist Matt Mika was shot multiple times and remains hospitalized. Capitol Police officers in Mr Scalise's security detail returned fire, and Hodgkinson later died from his wounds.

Investigators studying the attack at a suburban Virginia park said Hodgkinson had obtained his rifle and handgun from licensed firearms dealers.

"Both were purchased by the shooter from federal firearms licensees", the Capitol Police said in a statement. "We now have no evidence to suggest that the purchases were not lawful".

Mr Trump, after visiting the Louisiana Republican at the hospital, on Wednesday said Mr Scalise was "in very tough shape - but he is a real fighter".

"It's been much more hard than people even thought at the time", Trump told reporters at the White House on Thursday, adding that he also had visited a wounded Capitol Police officer at the hospital.

Vice President Mike Pence earlier on Thursday said he visited the hospital where Scalise was being treated.

Thirty-six hours after a gunman's attack on Republican lawmakers at their baseball practice, GOP and Democratic teams played their annual charity game Thursday night, determined to show unity.

"Everyone's getting a bunch of death threats right now", Representative Ruben Gallego, a Democrat, told The Los Angeles Times.

When the members of the Republican team were announced at Nationals Park, mention of Scalise's name drew a standing ovation from the areas designated for Republican, Democrat and nonpartisan fans alike.

The shooting has raised questions about lawmakers' security, renewed the nation's contentious debate over guns and drawn new attention to the harsh rhetoric that reflects America's political polarization.

"But as you all know, tonight's game has taken on a much deeper level of meaning, beyond anything that we would have thought". Besides letting some of us relive our younger and more athletic days, it also gives us a rare opportunity to connect with our colleagues across party and state lines. We all salute them.

Even with lawmakers' determination for baseball bipartisanship, they say competitiveness remains.

Shannon Davis, who was on her way to work, said she received a frantic phone call from her husband.

Democrats defeated their Republican counterparts in the annual Congressional Baseball Game, but the biggest applause came for one who didn't play.

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