Cosby accuser to resume testimony in sex assault trial

Witness in Bill Cosby trial describes 1996 drugging, sexual abuse

Cosby accuser to resume testimony in sex assault trial

Cosby has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Constand testified Wednesday that wasn't the case. Before being asked about how she came to meet Cosby, the prosecution asked her to point Cosby out in the courtroom. Cosby grinned at the defense table as she struggled to explain them.

Under oath, Constand said that Cosby assaulted her after he gave her three blue pills, which he told her were a natural remedy to ease the stress she was feeling because of an upcoming career change. She said she met him through a well-respected donor of Temple University sports.

Constand scoffed at the notion of a romantic relationship with Cosby. "I just pray for all parties involved because this isn't a great situation no matter what side of the coin you're on".

The woman Bill Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting returns to the witness stand on Wednesday, and the comedian's lawyer suggested she will turn up the heat. She felt "terrible" about it, she said, especially when her mother brought Cosby some Canadian souvenirs. She testified that's when Cosby assaulted her.

At the same time, she said, Cosby became more flirtatious and suggestive - grabbing her thigh during one encounter at his home and attempting to unbutton her trousers in another. I don't really remember passing out. "I don't want that", Time magazine reported. After that, she says Mr. Cosby helped her to the couch.

"He was a Temple friend, somebody I trusted. Are they herbal?" she recalled asking the entertainer when he gave her three pills.

Miller, who represented William Morris in the case, said Johnson was tearful as she described waking up on a bed with her dress pulled down and her breast exposed - details that matched the story Johnson told on the stand.

Not much is known about the accuser, and for a long time she valued (and still does) her privacy during the most hard time in her life.

Within 20 to 30 minutes she began to slur her words and had trouble seeing, she testified. "And I believed he supported numerous athletic programs", Constand said.

"I wanted it to stop", she added.

A clip of the joke went viral days later, paving the way for a media firestorm in which countless alleged victims of "The Cosby Show" patriarch accused him of sexual assault.

"It was a very big burden on me, but. I was in no state of mind". Cosby lawyer Angela Agrusa also pressed Constand on why she stayed in contact with Cosby afterward.

Constand said she was "frozen" and unable to move her hands or legs as a result of taking the pills, report the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, ABC News and the Wilmington News Journal. Buress did not know it at the time, but the joke would make him an immediate household name - and it simultaneously changed the lives of almost 50 women who say Cosby sexually assaulted them. "I wanted guidance and I wanted to protect myself because I felt that if I went to the police that Mr. Cosby would retaliate and try to hurt me". She said Cosby offered her a muffin and tea, and then she drove herself home. After it was over, and she could move her body again, she says she moved into Cosby's kitchen, where he gave her a muffin and some tea, then exited his house without saying anything to him, because "I felt really humiliated, and I was really confused". "She was crying. She was telling me, 'Mommy something's going on".

"They're your friends. They'll take the edge off", she said Cosby told her. "I was on my way home".

Cosby has denied all wrongdoing.

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