Qatar says no expulsions of nationals from countries that cut ties

But at the Pentagon, a spokesman, Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, said only long-term military planning was affected.

Qatar's population is smaller than Houston's, but it has a sovereign wealth fund with stakes in global companies like Barclays and Credit Suisse.

"No more funding", Trump said.

Qatar's food security may also be placed in jeopardy as it only has one land border with regional power-turned-rival Saudi Arabia. Trump was pissed off about the rumors that he didn't realize Qatar hosted CENTCOM?

- Abu Dhabi port eases restrictions on oil tankers going to and from Qatar.

In an apparent escalation of the crisis, staff at Al Jazeera, Qatar's influential satellite television news channel which often infuriates the rulers of the Arab world, said its computer systems had come under cyber attack.

- The Muslim Brotherhood rejected what it called false accusations of terrorism by Saudi Arabia.

A spokesman said that, while military operations against Islamic State from Qatar had not been interrupted, the "evolving situation is hindering our ability to plan for longer-term military operations". The Gulf spat is likely to further fuel inter-rebel conflicts in Syria, where rivalries between Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been showcased since the earliest days of the crisis.

Qatar would not yield to it, he said.

Cavusoglu also said Turkey's military base in Qatar, where there are now around 90 Turkish soldiers based, was aimed at contributing to the security of the entire Gulf region and was not aimed at a specific Gulf state.

The statement from Saudi Arabia and its allies said: "This list is connected to Qatar and serves suspicious agendas in an indication of the duality of Qatar policies".

He repeated that message forcefully from the podium, despite U.S. efforts to diffuse the crisis: he even claimed to have been part of the decision made by Saudi Arabia and others.

Rights group Amnesty International says thousands of Gulf residents are now caught up in the dispute.

But a Qatari official said on Thursday the emir would not be accepting the invitation.

Turkish mass-circulation newspaper Hurriyet reported on Friday that after an initial deployment of Turkish troops at a base in Doha, Turkish warplanes and ships will also be sent. On Wednesday, Emirati officials shut down the airline's offices in the UAE.

Earlier this week, Trump appeared to tie the blockade to the success of his trip in May to Saudi Arabia and welcomed it as positive news in a series of tweets.

Arab states that have laid virtual siege on Qatar praised U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday for enthusiastically supporting their stance when he called on the Gulf state to stop "the funding of terrorism".

Qatar Airways and the Al Jazeera news agency are among the high profile companies caught up in the diplomatic spat.

The US ambassador to Qatar, Dana Shell Smith, tried to appeal for calm on Twitter by drawing attention to the US's past statements of support for Qatar's work in combating terrorism financing and highlighting the "great partnership" between the US and Qatar.

Even if the dispute is settled, Qataris and other Gulf Arabs worry that the bitter spat which has seen both sides denounce each other as "enemies" and "traitors" of the Gulf has sown divisions and hostility that will linger on.

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