Taylor Swift returns to streaming as rival Katy Perry releases album

Taylor Swift’s Music Returns To Spotify And Other Streaming Services

Taylor Swift criticised for 'immature' music release alongside Katy Perry album

In her opinion, artists generally don't make almost as much money putting their music on Spotify as they do selling digital albums and songs on services like iTunes.

All of the 27-year-old singer's music including "1989", her blockbuster last album, appeared on Spotify and other platforms at midnight (0400 GMT) on the US East Coast.

The decision was, in part, motivated by the fact that Spotify users could listen to Swift's music without a paid subscription, instead opting for the free, ad-supported tier. When it was first released in 2014, her fifth studio album 1989 made the fastest climb to 5 million equivalent units than any other album since Usher's Confessions in 2004. She told talk show host Jimmy Fallon the song was "a great anthem for people to use whenever somebody's trying to hold you down or bully you".

Taylor Swift is getting back together with a few of her famous exes, including Spotify and Pandora.

Except, no one or, let's be honest here, Taylor, did that to Katy (although she might, incidentally, may have given Swift actual legal standing to sue her, ironically, for defamation of character).

But much has changed even in the two and a half years since Swift's row with Spotify. Apple Music, on the other hand, has no free option and is only available to paying subscribers. Less than a year after that, she was starring in commercials for the service listening to Drake, while Drake was starring in commercials for the service listening to Swift. No streaming service besides Apple Music was able to stream it.

"Taylor Swift returns to Spotify because Katy Perry needs some shade". Streaming has also become the dominant revenue driver for the recording industry since the release of 1989.

The pop star's management said the latest decision to return to all streaming services was taken to celebrate her album "1989" selling over 10 million copies worldwide.

Following the Thursday announcement that the "Shake It Off" singer will bring back her music, the memes and pith were as plentiful as Perry's off-the-wall costumes and Swift's mini-skirts.

One thing is for sure: If and when that record arrives, you'll have to pay to hear it.

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