Merkel urges speedy Brexit talks after UK vote

Getty Images Theresa May poses for

Getty Images Theresa May poses for

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, and Argentina's President Mauricio Macri meet at the government house in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Thursday, June 8, 2017. Merkel has criticised the protectionist stance taken by the U.S. and called the decision of President Donald Trump of withdrawing from the Paris climate accord 'extremely regrettable'.

Merkel noted Thursday her first visit to Argentina comes after President Mauricio Macri helped open Argentina to global credit markets following a long absence.

"No one country, nor one person alone is able to resolve the problems".

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker also said he hoped there would be no further delay to the negotiations "we are desperately waiting for".

In a speech during her recent visit to the country's capital city, Merkel said it is important that there are structures where there is a fight against corruption and there is transparency in Mexico.

However, she added the EU countries would be "asserting the interests of the 27 member states that will make up the European Union in future" during negotiations. She also noted that the Mercosur would have to cede in some of its demands in order to bring the frequently delayed free trade deal to a successful conclusion. "We want to hold speedy talks", she told reporters.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, said he was also ready to start talks and hoped the United Kingdom general election would not have an impact. Merkel said the European Union would have to compromise in order to reach an agreement that would benefit both sides.

"We are ready for the negotiations".

In 2016, Germany ranked as the fourth-largest trading partner of Argentina after Brazil, China and the US.

Last year, Germany ranked as Argentina's fourth-biggest trade partner after Brazil, China and the U.S. Merkel noted that her visit to Argentina comes after Macri helped Argentina end a legal dispute that returned it to worldwide credit markets after almost 15 years.

Merkel told Macri that she "values very much" Argentina's commitment to the Paris climate treaty, a pointed contrast to her response that Trump's decision was "extremely regrettable".

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