Anti-Sharia rallies this weekend worry Muslim leaders

The scene in Portland on Sunday

The scene in Portland on Sunday. dirk vanderhart

Sharia law is a strict Islamic law.

GJELTEN: And that's the scenario where trouble could ensue given that Saturday's marches are now due to take place in at least 27 cities across the country.

ACT For America, which has been labeled an extremist anti-Muslim group by a national group that tracks hate groups, says it is holding a "March Against Sharia" in Syracuse on Saturday.

The ACT rally is scheduled from 10 2 the James Hanley Federal Building, 100 S. Clinton St. ("I am rubber, you are glue") But there is a human rights issue at stake here, and it's worth noting. Organizers are aware of the group coming from Portland and the group plans to march to City Hall "or wherever they set up", according to the event posting.

(C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. "This command is binding so long as they are not forced to commit an irreligious act or prevented from fulfilling their religious duties".

The organizers claim sharia condones practices like female genital mutilation, forced marriage and oppression of the LGBTQ community. But it also covers a lot of things that we would not call law, like manners or good behavior or ethics or morality or even ritual worship. Rather than monolithic and rigid, the Muslim world is vast and diverse, with different interpretations of the obligations imposed by Sharia upon the observant.

ACT for America moved the rally from Portland to Seattle when Portland's mayor urged them and officials to cancel it after violence broke out on a Portland light rail train.

KIRO 7 News talked to Arsalan Bukhari, executive director for the Council on American Islamic Relations in Washington state.

"We're not against Muslims", he says.

The demonstration is sponsored by ACT for America, which claims that Islamic Sharia law is a threat to American values.

"Some people say that we're anti-Muslim", Presler said.

Public Sharia on the other hand is a covenant between two or more individuals where the third party administers its execution. Gabriel and her organization did not respond to requests for comment.

Franklin "Frankie" Asbury, 17, said she noticed several social media posts from people who were angry about the ACT rally, so she created a Facebook event page for a counter rally.

"ACT for America has never, and will never, tolerate any bias, discrimination, or violence against anyone, based on their religion, gender, race, or political persuasion", its website reads. And Gabriel tweeted earlier this year that she had a meeting at the White House.

"They don't make that distinction when they're talking amongst themselves and when they're taking to their base", said Sunsara Taylor, a New York-based organizer with Refuse Fascism, which was founded the month after Donald Trump was elected president.

Denver police plan to keep watch over the March Against Sharia rally at the Colorado State Capitol on Saturday, after counter-protest organizers said they're ready to defend the Denver Muslim community against what they called a "hate-filled agenda". Using the metaphor of deadly pathology, "America is at stage two Islamic Cancer", she says. Right-wing paramilitary groups such as the Oath Keepers offered to provide private security at the rallies.

Despite these violent outbursts by far-left groups, Wheeler has denounced the Free Speech Rally, Trump supporters and other conservative demonstrators as racists who bring a "message of hate" to Portland. Many refugee and Muslim families live in the neighborhoods near where marchers will organize, and feel threatened by the prospect of what they see as an anti-Muslim group marching by their homes.

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