Full Strawberry Moon rises Thursday evening

Strawberry Moon is Coming What Exactly Does that Mean

Minimoon to be visible over Doha tomorrow from 6.16pm

This is a rather different type of full moon, as instead of appearing larger than usual as, during a supermoon, it will seem slightly smaller than normal.

The exact time of the full moon is Friday AM (June 9) at 9:09 AM.

Slooh webcast host Gerard Monteux will be joined tonight by three guests who will discuss the "unique characteristics of the June Full Moon, the ways the Moon affects life on Earth, and the connection between the Moon, water, and human spirituality", according to a statement from Slooh.

However, sky gazers in some parts of Alaska and those rising early in Hawaii may be able to enjoy the full spectacle. The strawberry moon will also appear smaller a tad bit smaller, thus the name "minimoon". It is also known as the Rose Moon and the Hot Moon.

A minimoon occurs when the moon is at its farthest point from the planet called apogee.

A variety of other names have also been given to the June full moon such as Honey Moon or Rose Moon.

Micromoons occur because the moon's orbit around the earth is slightly elliptical.

The moon's mean distance from the Earth is 238,855 miles. But not much. Compared to a supermoon (a full moon near perigee) micromoons appear to be about 14 percent smaller. Overall, it should be a good night for a Strawberry Moon watch party!

According to astronomical calculations, the Moon will reach the full phase tomorrow at 4:10 pm Doha time, and pass through Apogee point at 1:21 am.

There will be a live stream of the full moon via telescope from Slooh.

June's moon is typically known as the Strawberry Moon, since this is the time of year that strawberries begin to ripen in the central United States, although some Native American cultures also refer to it as the Green Corn Moon or the Planting Moon, Space.com explains.

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