Iowa's GOP senators say health care law repeal unlikely

Trump wants Senate to make things 'fast and easy' for him

Trump Once Again Urges The Senate To End The Filibuster Option To Pass The GOP Healthcare Bill

President Donald Trump has never been in politics before.

Senators voted 54 to 45 for Gorsuch, who previously would have needed to meet a 60-vote threshold in a procedural vote, for his nomination to then come to the floor.

While Republicans haven't yet released their tax proposal, House Republicans' health care bill was created to meet the legislative rules required to pass the Senate with a simple majority.

As Republican senators prepare to field questions about the House's healthcare bill, they also face the sobering challenge of crafting a version that appeases their party's divergent factions.

"I think the concerns that he's had with the pace of the Senate has been longstanding", Spicer told me.

Let's start here: Getting rid of the legislative filibuster would make the way the Senate works entirely indistinguishable from the way the House works.

On Sunday, Mr. Trump tweeted about the health-care legislation that has already passed the House after a tough fight, which his own aides hope will not be tossed aside by the Senate in a bid to start from scratch.

With 52 Republicans now in the Senate, along with Vice President Mike Pence who can come in and make a tie-breaker vote, this would make passing controversial legislation - like health care reform - a substantially easier feat. The advantage of reconciliation is that votes taken under it only require a simple majority to pass. The Senate may not pass a bill as quickly as Trump wants, either. They are planning to use the same rules for a later tax overhaul. The Hill quoted Trump as saying at the time.

But the only logical reading of Trump's tweet is that filibuster reform would expedite health care and tax legislation; the Trump administration has no other major agenda items before the legislature that the act would affect. Donald Trump doesn't seem to be one of them.

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