Urinating dog statue briefly placed near 'Fearless Girl' art

Peeing Dog Statue That Took Aim at 'Fearless Girl' Removed: Report

Statue of urinating dog put next to Fearless Girl statue

Italian sculptor Arturo Di Modica told The Post on Tuesday that he doesn't appreciate Upper West Side artist's Alex Gardega's attempt to support him by putting a sloppy statue of a peeing dog next to "Fearless Girl," another sculpture stationed directly opposite his bull.

"Fearless Girl was created to stand as a reminder that having more women in leadership positions positively contributes to overall performance and strengthens our economy", State Street said in a statement. It faces the famous "Charging Bull" statue.

A sculptor showed people in NY exactly what he thinks of "Fearless Girl" with a statue of his own: a urinating dog.

Gardega told Moneyish he took down the dog to "save its life".

Gardega insists he's "pro-feminism" and has nothing against the sculpture.

This image of "Fearless Girl" with Lil' Yachty's trademark braids has also gone viral, but its authenticity is questionable. The New York Post reported that Gardega placed his "Pissing Pug" right by Fearless Girl's leg Monday.

People stop to photograph the "Fearless Girl" statue on March 8.

"Fearless Girl" was placed opposite the bull by State Street Global Advisors, a mutual fund company, which said it was meant to represent the under-representation of women on Wall Street. "Most people were amused or perplexed by it".

Pissing Pug was taken down by the artist after three hours on display, over fears that it might be stolen.

The statue's actual creator, Kristen Visbal, did not respond to requests from the Post for comment on "Pissing Pug".

The pissing pug is the latest iteration of an odd NY trend of artists working out their differences using guerilla statues. My piece is not without a sense of humor.

The artist even intimated that he made the dog especially sloppily just to stick it to his defiant girl.

"In effect, Fearless Girl has appropriated the strength and power of Charging Bull ..."

Fearless Girl, Gardega says, interferes with the "vision" of Charging Bull, and not just because the girl seems to be staring down an immensely successful market, making her defiance inexplicable from an economic standpoint. "It's corporate feminism", Gardega said of "Fearless Girl".

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