'The Bachelorette' 2017 Episode 2 Spoilers: Which contestant has a girlfriend?

Will, Jamey, Diggy, Alex, Adam, Lee, Matt, Eric, Josiah, and DeMario are listed on a Date Card™ that says "Swish". But together the three stage a baby-themed relay race to find someone who's "husband material".

"I don't think Rachel's guy is in this group", Ashton said, adding that he knew "from day one" that Mila was the one for him and she jokingly replied, "Someone's definitely getting laid tonight". Curious, she agreed to the meeting, then the installment was over. One fan wrote that the dog-themed date was better than the entire last season of The Bachelor. Lexi showed Rachel the last lovey-dovey texts DeMario sent her before he went radio silent. In the locker room, DeMario tells the camera: "This is my zone". DeMario looks very shocked to see her and then he's all... DeMario's first reaction upon seeing Lexie was "Ahhh, who - who's this?" "He literally still has the keys to my apartment", Lexi said. Lexie, clearly relishing every minute of this, swore on her father's grave and "on my kittens sleeping in my house right now" that an in-person breakup never happened. Ultimately, once Rachel took a peek in Lexie's phone, it was over.

Host Chris Harrison welcomes the men to the mansion and delivers a card with the men who will accompany Rachel on the group date. The producers were all, "Hmmm, what would be a good song to play over this game where the Beavers ultimately end up winning in the end?"

After football, the men head to meet the day's special guests: Bachelor fans Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who tell the guys how much they love Rachel before letting them know that Rachel's "looking for a man with health insurance".

After the couple watched several contestants go through the course, Kutcher decided to make a "bold prediction". But Rachel seems to be interested in Peter and she gives him the date rose.

How did that opening line go over with Rachel?

"We came on because we love Rachel", Mila Kunis says, and proceeds to ask the men, by a show of hands, who has health insurance.

Meanwhile, Peter Kraus will get the first one-on-one date of The Bachelorette 2017 in Episode 2. The group date will showcase how ready the suitors are for marriage and fatherhood.

"I absolutely fell in love!" Peter and Rachel have such a natural chemistry that it felt you were watching a couple that had been dating for years. The conversation is so easy. She invited a handful of her new guys out for a little friendly game of basketball and she watched they all competed for her attention - and it didn't take long for rivalries to form. "And it does not hurt that he is so handsome".

"I don't know her, but to be honest, I don't know you right now either", Lindsay replied.

Copper - or, rather Peter - lands the first one-on-one date of season 13.

Well, nothing except an absurdly cute dog!

In Lindsay's first rose ceremony she eliminated eight of the 31 eligible bachelors leaving her with 23 to go. However, viewers never got to see the answer, and "Bachelorette" Twitter was burning up with questions.

By the end of their date, Peter instantly earned frontrunner status.

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