Super Nintendo World Theme Park Could Give You Real-Life 'Mario Kart'

New Trademark Hints That Super Nintendo World May Be Coming to America

Nintendo files for “Super Nintendo World” trademark in the US

A recent US Trademark for "Super Nintendo World" could indicate that Nintendo has big ideas in the works for their theme park ventures. While a US Trademark itself isn't a solid confirmation of anything, the Trademark was filed with the basis "1 (b)", which translated from legalese to English means "Intent to use".

We know Nintendo plans to open Super Nintendo World attractions at Universal Studio theme parks.

Unless Nintendo plans on reviving F-Zero in the most freakish way possible, this particular piece of the filing seems to refer to Nintendo's desire to implement a go-kart version of Mario Kart at Super Nintendo World. What themed rides and areas would you most like to see at Super Nintendo World? Officially, the language says, "arrangement of kart racing".

No official confirmations about the new details of Super Nintendo World have been made, but stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. The trademark filings hint at some of the attractions that will deliver on that promise.

This isn't the first time people have parodied Mario Kart in real cities, but rather than a couple of people getting together and doing this off their own bat, it's been organised by a company called Maricar. It's as much a mainstay in the Nintendo library through the years as any other franchise.

Given that Universal just built new hotel properties in Orlando the latter is probably limited to Hollywood or Japan only, but then again Super Nintendo World is only slated to drop in 2020 in Japan, with an undisclosed date for the US.

The Nintendo theme park will launch in Orlando, Hollywood and Osaka, according to GameSpot.

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