LEADING OFF: Discipline on deck for Harper-Strickland brawl

Matt Hazlett  Getty Images
Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper isn't a fan of participation trophies

Matt Hazlett Getty Images Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper isn't a fan of participation trophies

Strickland hit Harper with a 98 miles per hour fastball in the 8th inning of Monday's game which led to Harper flipping his bat and charging the mound before the two began exchanging punches.

Harper may have proven a point he felt he needed to make, but after video of his charging the pitcher hit social media, Twitter went after him.

Both Harper and Strickland were ejected and the Nats took advantage of a stunned defense and added another run into the mix off Kontos, who'd just participated in the Strickland-damage-control. Harper and Strickland are certainly not strangers, as Harper hit two prodigious home runs off Strickland in the 2014 NLDS.

After throwing his helmet, Harper proceeded to take some serious swings at Strickland, who did the same in return.

The Nationals would win the game 3-0.

"If they're throwing 98-MPH heaters at you, just bring the bat", Bickel said. He experienced blurry vision but stayed in the game, manager Bruce Bochy said.

Here's the video. Strickland hit Harper in the hip with a fastball, and Harper charged the mound. In postgame interviews, Strickland said he was trying to pitch Harper inside because, in 2014, he left fastballs over the plate and Harper brutalized them.

"But that's what I think is stupid", Flaim said.

Harper was dumbfounded to say the least and he wasn't expecting it. "Obviously, my emotions got the best of me in Game 2, so just going about it the right way and be more professional". The Giants were fortunate that Morse and pitcher Jeff Samardzija both said they were fine; they were first to get in between the two combatants - Morse coming from first base, Samardzija coming from the Giants dugout - and their heads forcefully collided. 'He didn't come up and in toward my face like some guys do, so I respect him on that level.' Strickland said he missed his spot. Strickland is a big boy and he made a decision to handle things himself, and he shouldn't need Posey to protect him. You don't have to strain too hard to read between the lines: I wasn't about to get hurt over that big idiot's beef.

"You give up two home runs, the best way to take care of business is by getting the guy out the third time, making effective pitches", Perez said.

Strickland is going to face discipline for hitting Harper and could be subjected to a five-game suspension, but Harper's actions were much here and could be facing a suspension that keeps him out more than a week. "I really don't know", one Giants player told Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal. I know he took (Strickland) deep in the playoffs a couple of times and he probably took exception to that. Washington logged eight hits and walked once with Ryan Zimmerman clubbing his 14th homer and scoring twice while Daniel Murphy went 2-4 and knocked in two runs. "I mean baseball is a game where you don't forget and you can hold grudges for a long, long time".

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