Melissa McCarthy takes Spicer parody to NYC streets

In one sketch, set in the White House press briefing room, "SNL" cast member Aidy Bryant plays deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Finally, a reporter asked McCarthy's Spicer if she thought Trump would fire her next.

In the final scenes of the press briefing, reporters ask if Spicer is surprised Trump fired Comey before him. "I'm filling in for Sean today because as you know, Sean is fulfilling his duty in the naval service".

Sean Spicer's days as the White House press secretary could be nearing their end and "Saturday Night Live" did not pass up the opportunity to imagine what Spicer's final days would be.

The expectations going into the latest Melissa McCarthy-hosted Saturday Night Live were sky high - too high for the show to ever live up to.

The "when" was not in the start of the show, given that the show went in the direction of Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump again. "I took vows!" fake-Spicer protested. In fact, another famous Washington impersonator took center stage - Alec Baldwin reprised his "SNL" role as President Trump. The biggest and "most beautiful" doll, according to Spicer, held a likeness of Trump. Some lucky New Yorkers already caught a glimpse of this when SNL was filming on Friday. It would have been interesting to see McCarthy-as-Spicer interact with real New Yorkers who might have been delighted to see her and also annoyed that she was gumming up their commute.

One reporter then asked Spicer that if Trump is such a good friend, why is everyone saying that Trump is about to replace Spicer with Sanders?

Long story short, it ended with Spicer's final kiss. McCarthy got a great segment out of it, so I don't want to oversell how selfless it felt.

The sketch was amusing, but more than that, it seemed entirely created to humiliate the real-life Spicer and Trump.

Instead of a guest appearance, McCarthy hosted this week's show, continuing her now infamous impression of Spicer.

McCarthy came back in another skit with Kate McKinnon.

And that McCarthy clearly seemed to be enjoying the hell out of it just made it that much better.

There's no question that working in Donald Trump's communications department is no easy task, especially now that he's president.

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