Kushner Sister Invokes Jared, In Appeal to Chinese Investors

Before Kushner joined the Trump administration as a senior adviser, the news agency added, his family firm raised some $50 million through the EB-5 program for a Trump-branded luxury apartment building in New Jersey.

Guests at the Beijing events were advised to put their money in the Kushner project via the EB-5 program, which awards foreign investors a two-year visa in exchange for investing at least $500,000 in a development project promising to create at least 10 jobs.

Guests at the event said Kushner's sister, Nicole Kushner Meyer, spoke for about 10 minutes, including about her family's humble roots. That was not Ms. Meyer's intention.

"In 2008, my brother Jared Kushner joined the family company as CEO, and recently moved to Washington to join the administration", Kushner Meyer said at the Kushner Companies conference, according to media reports.

Similar events will be held at the InterContinental in Shenzhen on May 13 and the Four Seasons in Guangzhou on May 14, it said.

"We have every reason to believe there will continue to be a lot of demand for visas for the USA from Chinese investors", said Dave Platter, global communications director at Juwai.com, a property search engine that lists real estate around the world for Chinese buyers. Then she was asked to leave. Then you run across the following ad: "Invest $500,000 and immigrate to the United States". They sent Kushner's own sister to China to make the pitch, seemingly to remind potential investors just how direct their pipeline to the Oval Office could be.

But Trump, who has made cracking down on immigration a cornerstone of his presidency, signed a bill extending the EB-5 visa program the day before Meyer's presentation.

Jared Kushner had been listed as a manager of several entities related to the project as of January, the New York Times reported.

That's the line White House senior adviser Jared Kushner's sister Nicole Meyer allegedly pitched to Chinese investors.

The Chinese company's advertisements for the Journal Square development described the project as "Kushner 1", with punchy subtitles declaring that it has "government support" and is "founded by celebrity developers", without elaborating. Bloomberg reported previous year that Kusher Companies raised $50 million for the Jersey City project from the controversial EB-5 program. Organizers aim to get about 15% of that from Chinese investors, capped at 300 people, via the EB-5 program. On a big screen, Jared Kushner's previous role in the company and his current role in the Trump administration were highlighted.

In Beijing on Saturday, potential investors in the Kushner project were told they should act quickly because the minimum investment for the EB-5 program could go up. His attorney, Blake Roberts, said Kushner is not involved in the operation of Kushner Companies.

"There is much harrumphing as the Kushner companies are found to be extolling the idea of investment in the United States economy as a way to gain a residence visa for America", writesForbes contributor Tim Worstall, a fellow at the Adam Smith Institute in London.

Kushner's lawyer claims that Kushner has personally divested from the One Journal Square project, although of course his family has not. So for them, seeing the Kushners come, seeing the Kushners connection to the Trump White House, it's a very natural association.

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