Blake Lively Crashed SNL and It Was as Thrilling as You'd Imagine

First, we're in the White House press briefing room where principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, played by Aidy Bryant plays, says Spicer's out on Navy reserve duty. "I can promise you, whoever I choose is going to be so bonkers you're going to wish like hell it was Judge Judy".

But things turn emotional when the press corps asks about Spicer's rumored numbered days at the White House, and suggest Trump may be lying to him.

Melissa McCarthy has reprised her role as Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live, and things have gotten really bloody weird.

Spicer has, of late, been uproariously lampooned by actress Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live over his frequently combative discourse with journalists. Instead, President Trump was at a New Jersey golf course when Spicer caught up with the president on SNL.

The other reason why building an entire sketch around the idea of making Donald Trump and Sean Spicer kiss worked was because the show started with one of the most genuinely nice segments we've seen on television in a long time. "I took vows", McCarthy replied. The two share a passionate embrace before Trump says, "Sean, kiss me..."

"Spicey" then made his way to NY to find out if the rumors about being fired are true.

They gave us an anxious Spicer, searching for Donald Trump, desperate to prove to himself and the press that his friend does care about him and would never use him to perpetuate a lie.

The sketch included footage of McCarthy riding Spicer's podium through New York City, news of which had been shared by fans on social media on Friday.

McCarthy's Spicer and Baldwin's Trump flirted, with Trump tickling Spicer and Spicer declaring he had a wife. "I need to find Trump!".

Inside that doll is, as Spicey explains it, Trump's top advisers and "good, good friends" who helped him come to his decision: Steve Bannon (depicted as Slimer from Ghostbusters) and Jeff Sessions (a Pikachu).

He rolls through Manhattan traffic via motorized podium, promising to "talk better".

McCarthy first appeared as Spicer back in February.

Debette, played by McKinnon, and Fontaine, played by McCarthy, revealed that in order to make it in Hollywood, they had to remove their molars "to make our faces look less Polish", and that McKinnon's characters even had to remove half their ribs.

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