Rich Cho to represent the Charlotte Hornets at NBA Draft Lottery

Javier Zarracina

Javier Zarracina

The Draft Lottery will begin on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m.

"But I'd have to understand what the plan would be for my client before I let them come", the agent, one of "several" to tell Ford that they may consider holding top prospects out of workouts with the C's, said.

Considering the team is still near the bottom of the league and projects to improve combined with the prospect of holding onto an extra first round pick, finishing in the top three on Tuesday would be the preferred scenario for the purple and gold. With that being said, it can be a bit confusing at times on how the process actually works. So here are five questions that you're probably asking yourself about the lottery, with answers ...

See the draft order and lottery odds here. The Celtics are assigned 250 combinations.

All personnel in the drawing room will be required to relinquish cell phones and any other communication devices until the televised lottery results are announced.

The Knicks won't dwell on the past, but their last-second, regular-season finale victory over the Sixers cost them pingpong balls. I can't imagine a better situation.

Arguably the most exciting two minutes in sports is upon us as ping-pong balls, awkward close-ups and guaranteed disappointment will be in full force.

Limitations: If the same combination comes up a couple of times, the result is discarded and another four-ball combination is selected.

The Nets are in a rebuilding mode and had the NBA's worst record this season, so the timing worked out perfectly for the Celtics. The Pelicans keep their pick if it's in the Top 3, but there's about a 10% chance of that happening. Using the pick on a promising young player is a much better option right now for the team. You want to know. If the Heat's logo does not emerge from the first envelop opened by NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum, it will mean they have moved into one of the first three selections. In most years this night is fairly uneventful, especially one year ago when the lottery went chalk for the first time in history.

"It's the most stressful day of the year when that thing starts clicking up and you get to your pick and you're going up to your pick and it's unfolding the way it's unfolding", said the Magic's interim general manager, Matt Lloyd.

That they're in danger of losing their top pick goes back to the Lakers' search for their next great point guard. There recent top picks have been nothing more than role players.

The NBA will hold its annual lottery tomorrow, a process for assigning the top three picks in the upcoming draft. In other words, the remaining team with the worst record will get the fourth pick and the remaining team with the best record will get the 14th pick.

The Sixers have their own selection, with a 100 percent of receiving a top seven selection in the NBA Draft Lottery. It will be broadcast on ESPN.

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