'Dr Phil' to air 2nd interview with Hernandez's fiancee

Aaron Hernandez's suicide note to fiancée Shayanna Jenkins revealed

Aaron Hernandez's Fiancee On Dr. Phil: 'Felt Like We Were Looking So Bright'

As CNN reports, the previously-recorded show featured Aaron Hernandez's fiancee still decked out in her engagement ring as she spoke to TV's Dr. Phil McGraw.

Almost a month after Aaron Hernandez's death, the former New England Patriots tight end's fiancée remains troubled by the suicide note he allegedly left her. "'Daddy's going to be home, '" she quoted him as saying.

"It was addressed to Shay, instead of babe or bae", Jenkins-Hernandez said.

"I don't know what to believe, to be honest with you", she said. "That was a little odd to me". She indicated that he never talked about suicide, and believed when she was first called by the prison that the suicide news was a hoax.

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As for the suicide note Hernandez left her in prison, his fiancee remains skeptical. McGraw asked Jenkins-Hernandez in the video clip released Monday if the group has any special meaning to her or to Hernandez. Because Hernandez's initial appeal was still pending when he died, the conviction was vacated last week.

TBH, we don't blame Aaron's baby momma for having doubts about the specifics surrounding his death as the University Of Florida alum had just been acquitted of two murders and had filed an appeal for his homicide conviction.

Pressed by McGraw on whether Hernandez was a gang member, she said, "Not from knowledge", before conceding she probably wouldn't have known otherwise. "He was very positive, so excited to come home. there was no indication at all of such events". Not to mention, Hernandez's other loved ones are reportedly helming an independent investigation into his passing.

"When the host asked her if the handwriting on the suicide note belonged to Hernandez, she admitted, "[It] was similar, but I feel like, again, you have nothing but time in there so I feel like it's easily duplicated or could be".

Hernandez had a $41 million contract with one of the NFL's top franchises when he was arrested in June 2013 and charged with murdering acquaintance Odin Lloyd.

In the days before his death, Jenkins-Hernandez said the tough tight-end seemed upbeat and looking forward to clearing his name. "He may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I don't think that what is said to be out there is actually accurate", she said. She said she added "Hernandez" to her surname to demonstrate to their daughter that they were a family. "I don't think that things were done properly. I don't feel like there's any progression".

Hernandez was discovered hanging naked from a bed sheet in his cell, the Worcester County District Attorney's Office said.

The images of Aaron Hernandez's daughter, Avielle, sitting in her mother's lap at a court hearing and holding her hand days later to attend her dad's funeral are heartbreaking.

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