Trump Warns Comey, Blasts Media, Asks 'When Does It End' on Russian Federation

Comey 'Nauseous' over election thoughts

Trump Warns Comey, Blasts Media, Asks 'When Does It End' on Russian Federation

In a Twitter tirade on Friday morning (12 May), US President Donald Trump threatened former FBI Director James Comey with the suggestion that there were tapes of conversations between the two.

The president's advisers said this week that Mr Trump fired Mr Comey on Tuesday in response to a recommendation by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Spicer likewise demurred when asked if there are "recording devices in the Oval Office", and later said he was "not aware" of audio recordings of the January 27th dinner between Trump and Comey. "The FBI has been in turmoil".

Andrew McCabe, testifying before Congress in place of his fired boss, told lawmakers a counterintelligence investigation that a White House spokeswoman dismissed a day earlier as "one of the smallest things" on the FBI's plate was actually "highly significant".

The president told NBC he had personally asked Mr Comey whether he was under investigation - an admission that could expose the president to allegations of interfering with the ongoing FBI probe.

U.S. intelligence agencies concluded in a January report that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an effort to disrupt the election that included hacking into Democratic Party emails and leaking them, with the aim of helping Mr Trump.

"My decision. I was going to fire regardless of recommendation", Mr Trump said.

Pressed by Holt on other conflicts with Comey, Trump said he was "surprised" by Comey's lack of support for Trump's claims that he was "wire tapped" at Trump Tower.

"If I'm a government official right now, what I just learned today is that I'm never going to have a private conversation with the president".

They are among more than a dozen candidates Mr Trump is considering, a group that includes several politicians, lawyers and law enforcement officials. Dianne Feinstein, for example, said the Judiciary Committee needs to hold hearings.

"For many people, including myself, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the president's decision to remove Director Comey was related to this investigation".

Russian Federation has denied the claims and the White House says there was no collusion.

Republican US senator from Texas John Cornyn, who is the India Caucus co-founder and co-chair, is among the frontrunners reportedly being considered by the Donald Trump administration to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But we may have to wait for a while to get Comey's side of the story. "Me, personally. I'm not talking about campaigns, I'm not talking about anything else".

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