Jedrzejczyk retains strawweight title at UFC 211

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UFC 211: Stipe Miocic KOs Junior Dos Santos as Joanna Jedrzejczyk equals Ronda Rousey record

Born in Umuarama, a tiny small in the northeast area of Parana - actually closer to Paraguay than the capital of the state, Curitiba - Andrade was addicted to sports. Andrade attempted a few of her charges, but Jedrzejczyk did an excellent job of circling away from those punches. Joanna finds her way to her feet and pushes Andrade against the cage and unleashes some elbows. The young Brazilian had talent, playing in both traditional soccer and indoor soccer (futsal).

At worse, if Andrade really did a nice job of crashing into range, Jedrzejczyk would latch onto the double-collar tie. "I couldn't manage to keep her down". "I had offers to play in Sao Paulo, but my mother didn't let me go".

As for Andrade, she does have a couple things to be proud of. Opposite a risky finisher in Andrade, nothing was particularly different, "Joanna Champion" just had to stay sharp and avoid getting hit with anything major.

"I think it should be the good move because somebody goes from 135 pounds will drop to 125 pounds and some girls who are having troubles with making 115 pounds, they will go up", Jedrzejczyk said. "No one is taking this belt from me". "This is awesome. I respect Ronda so much as a fighter but more as a human".

Andrade said yes to the judo teacher, and that quickly led to jiu-jitsu classes.

"I don't know who's going to be my next opponent right now", the champ said. "If I had to pay anything, she'd help me, my father would help me as well". Andrade's leg continues to take damage from low kicks.

After the loss, her first since 2015, Andrade proposed to her longtime girlfriend from inside the Octagon. She was back in action two months later to add another stoppage win to her record. Andrade is just swinging at air time and time again. "I believe that she's ready to fight five rounds". People know a lot about my MMA, but I feel like I'm an global champion. "I thought 'Well, that's really it, let's leave soccer and fight'". Andrade is not getting hurt that much but as far as output this is a wipeout.

In her bout against Andrade, Joanna dominated her partner through 5 rounds and 25 minutes, showcasing speed, agility, and a barrage of assaults that many have remarked as being nothing short of "masterful" in the brief fight.

Jedrzejczyk (now 14-0 in mixed martial arts, 8-0 UFC) continued her dominant streak and cemented her position as one of the baddest women in the organization with another title defense in a contest many predicted would be her toughest. "There's an indoor court right next to the gym, and there are girls playing there all the time". "It wasn't enough, but I think we still put on great work".

But the fact remains that Aldo already owns a pair of victories over Edgar in title fights, including an impressive one last July at UFC 200, which would make a third fight unlikely.

A former bantamweight, Andrade had the size and strength advantage, but Jedrzejczyk still found a way to get through this challenge.

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