Egyptian mummies: Archaeologists make CHILLING discovery

Mummy discovery

HO MUMMIES Egyptian archaeologists on a wooden coffin discovered in a 3,500-year-old tomb

The Giza Pyramids, as the only remaining monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, once attracted millions of tourists, from all over the world, every year.

"2017 has been one of the landmark years for archaeological discoveries in Egypt", al-Enany said at a press conference in Minya.

The new discovery was unearthed in Touna el-Gabal district, which is a desert area in Minya province, 234 km far from Cairo.

Experts believe the mummies hold the bodies of officials and priests, due to their elaborate preservation. They also found two papyri written in Demotic and a gold decoration with the shape of a feather.

The necropolis dates back to the pharaonic Late Kingdom and Greco-Roman periods, he said, adding that the find is still in a preliminary stage, and more mummies are expected to be discovered in the area. The site has been dated back to between the third century BC and the third century AD.

Even Cairo's crowded neighborhoods have proved fruitful arenas for new discoveries.

Mummies lying in catacombs following their discovery in the Touna el-Gabal district of the Minya province. The statue, made of quartzite, was found in several pieces in Cairo's Matariya enclave. The chamber is likely belongs to a daughter of King Emnikamaw, and contained a wooden box engraved with hieroglyphs, said the ministry.

A significant discovery has been made by Egyptian archaeologists.

Egypt is hoping recent discoveries will brighten its image overseas and revive interest among travellers that once flocked to its iconic pharaonic temples and pyramids but which have shunned the country since its 2011 political uprising. Since then, a string of factors have kept many tourists away, including a slew of militant attacks, punctuated by the bombing of a Russian passenger plane in 2015, as well as attacks and abuses by Egypt's own security forces.

Discoveries such as the mummies, are important to the Egyptian government. A number of baboon coffins were also found. Figures from 2016 are not yet available.

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