Putin and Trump to meet in Hamburg in July

The Lavrov photo was quickly followed up by one released by the Russian Embassy of Trump shaking hands with Sergey Kislyak, Russia's ambassador in Washington. And get this: Remember Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States, and the man at the center of Michael Flynn's ouster from the White House? Photos after the jump.

American President Donald trump is very positively described the meeting with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the White House.

All but ignoring the unfurling drama over Russian Federation and the USA election, President Donald Trump on Wednesday sought to advance prospects for cooperation between the former Cold War foes in Syria and elsewhere in a rare Oval Office meeting with Vladimir Putin's top diplomat.

A day after President Donald Trump unceremoniously fired FBI Director James Comey, he hosted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the White House.

The Russian foreign minister rejected claims that Moscow interfered in the election that sent Trump to the White House as "fabrications". Then you don't allow the USA press into the meeting and act like it's all just normal?

In reference to Tillerson's meeting, the State Department said Wednesday's agenda will include Syria, Ukraine and other bilateral issues.

"I believe that politicians are damaging the political system of the USA trying to pretend that someone is controlling America from the outside", Lavrov said.

Tillerson and Lavrov made a brief appearance Wednesday morning for a photo-op, and as Tillerson began to lead his guest back behind closed doors, Lavrov responded to a question about Comey's firing. Despite tensions, Moscow and Washington can opt for joint efforts in solving global problems, the Russian diplomat said, adding that Trump expressed his hopes for "mutually beneficial" relations with Russia.

The White House told a reporter for Politico that only "official" photographers were let in.

Commenting on his meeting with Lavrov, Trump also said the talks had not been affected by the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey.

However, Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said that report was "totally false", and Comey's request "did not happen".

Asked about Comey's firing at a briefing later, Lavrov said it was an internal U.S. matter and not for him to discuss. Additionally, the Secretary and Foreign Minister restated support for the UN-led political process in Geneva, which is central to global efforts to bring about an enduring resolution to the conflict. "You're kidding, you're kidding".

It focuses on the creation of four de-escalation zones.

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