Everything you need to know about the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Eurovision Song Contest 2017: 10 countries that made it to the Grand Final

Paul Weller says he would “definitely” do Eurovision

Performers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Moldova have made it through to the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest, Europe's largest television event.

On Thursday, it will be Ireland's chance to shine, but there's an old phrase that the bookies aren't wrong often, and they're not giving Ireland much of a chance of progression. When asked about possible sanctions being taken against Channel One Russia following the country's late withdrawal from the competition, Sand confirmed that this will be discussed in due course.

The so-called "Big Five" - France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom - are traditionally guaranteed a spot in the final, along with the host nation.

The competition has a political edge this year due to the absence of Russian Federation, whose entrant Kiev barred from entering Ukraine because she had performed in Crimea after its annexation by Russian Federation.

The remaining countries will take part in one of the two semi-finals, with 10 acts from each making it to the grand final.

His passage into the final was nearly certainly secured by a much stronger performance the night before during the "jury" show, which is not broadcast but is played on a private feed around the world to worldwide professional juries. Then it's time for the Grand Final, on Saturday, where the victor of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be revealed.

With just hours to go until the Eurovision Song Contest gets under way, here is what you need to know.

He said in March: "I'm just not sure it will happen for us this year".

He's got the most Eurovision experience of the three, which completely explains why he's been relegated to the position of Green Room host for the live broadcasts.

Sundnes was later removed from his spot on the official Norwegian jury for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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