Woman videotapes kangaroo grabbing girl at animal park

A kangaroo attacked a young girl at Harmony Park Safari in Madison County

A kangaroo attacked a young girl at Harmony Park Safari in Madison County

A 9-year-old girl is recovering after being bitten on the head by a kangaroo while visiting Harmony Park Safari in Madison County, Alabama.

The video showed Cheyenne's 3-year-old sister reach into the enclosure, followed a moment later by Cheyenne, who approached the fence for a closer look at the animal, but kept her hands to herself.

The mother, Jennifer White, caught the incident on camera. Her mother says her little girl now has fourteen stitches. The younger one reaches through the fence, and then the kangaroo reaches its head and arms through the fence, grabs Cheyenne by her hair, and appears to bite her head. You can clearly see it or pet it or it could touch you, which makes you feel more, like, safe, ' she told WAFF.

Cheyenne, 9, and her three-year-old sister were surprised by their mom, Jennifer, with a visit to the park, which was one of their favorite places.

Cheyenne's mother says she isn't telling anyone not to take their kids to the zoo. "Why did I take her to see the kangaroo?"

"I was like, 'Yay, we're at the safari zoo!" the girl said. But White says the park owners should do more to protect visitors. The kangaroo trail has multiple warning signs posted at its entrance.

'I thought it was playing, ' Cheyenne told WAFF. New fencing will go up to keep park visitors farther away from the kangaroo pen, operators said. Jennifer White said if the park had a better barrier, her daughter wouldn't have been injured.

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