Amazon gives voice-enabled speaker a screen, video calling

Apple's WWDC event will kick off June 5, with a new iOS and macOS likely

Apple confirms WWDC opening keynote on June 5

The Echo Show features a 7-inch touchscreen display and a front-facing camera that can be used for video calls. If you like video calls but hate holding your phone up to have them, this feature alone will win you over.

As with most things Amazon is doing in this space, we can probably expect Amazon to roll this feature out in the United States first. It goes live for pre-orders today, and the shipping will begin around the 28th of June.

According to the report,, Inc. The device has now been officially unveiled by Amazon as the Amazon Echo Show.

On Monday Microsoft said it worked with Samsung to build a call-enabled speaker featuring Cortana, the Seattle-based company's virtual assistant.

The other person you call doesn't also have to have an Amazon Echo Show. Only $50 more for everything the Echo Show promises to offer? The biggest competitor in the market is Google Home.

Echo Show is reminiscent of a miniature tabletop version of the futuristic voice responsive video walls from so many works of science fiction. The Echo Show will also be able to make phone calls between other Alexa powered devices thanks to the personal AI assistant.

It is a $180 tube cylinder smart home platform that was debuted in 2014.

This new product comes at a time where Amazon is already showing its strength in the smart hub market. The Windows maker could launch the device at the end of this year. Even though it only launched late previous year Google's Home has already captured a 24% market share.

In the smart speaker segment, the competition is clearly heating up.

Amazon's Echo is expected to continue its dominance, with a share of almost 71 percent, though eMarketer expects Google's Home speaker to cut into that share over time.

With the Echo Show, the e-commerce giant will continue to dominate the voice-enable speakers market, which is expected to grow by almost 130% this year.

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