Success! The Nintendo PlayStation prototype finally works

18 months after discovery, the “Nintendo PlayStation” is finally working

Watch: Nintendo PlayStation Repaired And Running For Its First Time Since The 90's

The Super Nintendo was still functional, but for this prototype, the CD-ROM was completely self-contained and required a "boot cartridge" of sorts to access anything on a CD. This was dispelled recently as a modder not only found the Nintendo PlayStation, he actually got it to work. Chances are that we won't even see many of those come to fruition either as there's only one known Nintendo PlayStation in existence - developing anything for it would be rather fruitless. Kutaragi went to Ohga convinced that Sony should continue on its video game path, to which Ohga famously replied, "Just do it!" Many people wouldn't know, but Nintendo and Sony nearly released a console together before subsequently wanting different things and falling out, leading to Sony releasing the PlayStation. In today's video, he explains that it's working again and is now capable of reading audio CDs and game CDs - even though he's not exactly sure how he did it. Heckendorn finally managed to at least get the Nintendo PlayStation to accept such a setup, but it wasn't functioning as well as he had hoped.

When the Nintendo PlayStation's specs were released past year, a number of homebrew game developers created games that could run on the system. Since the machine never made it past the prototype stage, there weren't any games actually made for it.

Heck tested a number of formatted discs on it to attain "focus gain, tracking balance and tracking gain", and while not everything worked (Super Boss Gaiden produced an error message), others loaded up just fine with small glitches.

In addition, a lot of official developers also started making games for the Super Nintendo PlayStation.

Instead, the Japanese video game company chose to partner with Philips to create the Philips CD-i, which was an unmitigated disaster. Hopefully this piece of gaming history will be preserved.

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