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The Trump administration has fired the White House chief usher - the first woman and second African-American to hold the nonpartisan position, according to a report. She was previously the general manager at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City, just outside Washington.

Angella Reid is photographed in Lafayette Park in front of the White House, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011, in Washington.

"She is no longer employed here at the White House but we left on very good terms and wish for the best", Huckabee Sanders continued.

The White House Historical Association says the title comes from the original role of ushering people in to meet the president, but over time the role has evolved to cover construction, food, and maintenance as well as personnel and administrative duties.

Angella Reid was hired to be the White House chief usher by Barack Obama in 2011.

The chief usher is tasked with supervising all activities related to the White House residence. "The permanent staff averages 25 years - one staffer was there for 50 years".

Reid made history when she took the job in 2011.

Others on the residential staff tend to stay even longer. Reid followed Admiral Stephen W. Rochon, the first black usher, after he left for a position at the Department of Homeland Security.

"For the staff, she was a little tough on them because they could be free-wheeling", a former White House official who reportedly maintains contact with current residence staff, said. "She is definitely professional but you're not going to please everybody".

The position is not political so it's highly unusual for someone to be fired from the position at the beginning of a new administration.

'The Trump administration seems anxious about Obama's spies, and there may have been a feeling that she wasn't on page with the Trumpians, ' he told the Washington Post.

It is simply nothing more than the transition of staff, she added. "There was more of an expectation that there are certain things that come with the White House".

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