Federal Bureau of Investigation translator, Clemson grad secretly Wednesday Islamic State leader

Denis Cuspert  known as Abu Talha al-Almani married an American FBI agent who fled their relationship after a month

Denis Cuspert known as Abu Talha al-Almani married an American FBI agent who fled their relationship after a month

He once publicly threatened former United States president Barack Obama and appeared in several IS videos, including one in which he apparently held a severed head of an IS opponent. In June 2014 she told the Federal Bureau of Investigation she was travelling to Germany to visit family when instead she flew directly to Turkey, before crossing the border to Syria and marrying Cuspert, while still married in the US.

Cuspert - also known as Abu Talha Al-Almani - is a notorious ISIS fighter and recruiter, CNN's senior investigative correspondent Drew Griffin reported.

⦁ July 2014: Ms. Greene sends word that she made a mistake: "I was weak and didn't know how to handle anything anymore".

In another email obtained by authorities, Greene wrote, "I will probably go to prison for a long time if I come back, but that is life".

Greene was allowed to plead guilty to less serious charges, including making false statements involving worldwide terrorism.

CNN, which first reported Green's case, said it had been able to confirm with a source close to the investigation that the ISIS fighter Greene married was, in fact, Cuspert, a German national who previously performed as Deso Dogg and once toured with DMX. She also was willing to work with the Government and had no prior incidents. The identity of this "Individual A" was later confirmed by a "source familiar with the investigation" as Cuspert.

Greene, who is fluent in German, was assigned to investigate German citizen Denis Cuspert in January 2014.

Shortly after, Greene sent emails from inside Syria to an unidentified person in the United States showing she was having second thoughts and suggesting she knew she was breaking the law.

Today questions were being raised over her comparatively lenient sentence. She was said to have been released last summer.

Instead, Greene married Cuspert after tracking him down in Syria in 2014, despite still being married to her American soldier husband. "If I talk to you my family will be in danger", she told CNN. I wouldn't even know how to make it through if I tried to come back.

A CNN report reveals, Daniela Greene, 38, went to Syria and married a terrorist who had appeared in ISIS propaganda videos. She manages to escape Syria from her own efforts and is taken into US custody.

Greene served two years in prison under a plea deal while her case was kept from the public until prosecutors asked for her court record to be unsealed.

Greene, who was still married to her American husband at the time, characterized her travel on the form as "Vacation/Personal", court records show. Greene's attorney, Shawn Moore, told CNN that his client was remorseful for her actions and that she had just been caught up in something "way over her head".

They reportedly tied the knot in Syria sometime that month. Two months earlier, reports surfaced that Cuspert was still alive despite the Pentagon declaring him dead in the fall of 2015.

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