Arkansas carries out execution, prepares for 2nd

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Top News Macron Le Pen Win First Round of France ElectionsAP Getty Images

"Tonight was another opportunity for justice, and that's what was carried out", said J.R. Davis.

In the country's first double execution in 17 years.

Officials were preparing to carry out the death sentence for Marcel Williams, 46, later on Monday, for the 1997 kidnapping, rape and murder of 22-year-old Stacy Errickson.

Williams' execution is scheduled for April 24.

Before he was executed Jones offered an apology to Phillips' daughter, Lacey Seal.

Justice Samuel Alito said for a conservative majority that arguments the drug could not be used effectively in executions were speculative, and he dismissed problems in executions in Arizona and Oklahoma as "having little probative value for present purposes". "It's a good thing that it's done, for her", Whitaker told CNN affiliate KARK. Arkansas said the executions needed to be carried out before its supply of one lethal injection drug expires on April 30, the Los Angeles Times reported.

For now, we are forced to go through an agonizing process that recalls to victims' families their worst experiences and bares the questions that shape our individual and collective thinking about the rightness or wrongness of capital punishment.

Williams would be the fourth inmate put to death in eight days, a schedule that Hutchinson set because one of Arkansas' lethal injection drugs is about to expire. "I'm glad that part of my life, that chapter, is closed".

KAUFFMAN: Jones was convicted in the 1995 rape and murder of Mary Phillips. She was strangled to death with a coffee pot cord while daughter Lacey was tied to a chair. As police crime photographers took pictures of the murder scene and assumed Lacy was dead, the girl woke up.

Yesterday's plans materialised as two inmates received lethal injections about three hours apart in Arkansas' first double execution in the USA since 2000. He forced her into her auto at gunpoint and made her withdraw money at several ATMs in transactions caught on camera. Her body was found about two weeks later.

Once an execution is scheduled, new legal issues arise, such as clemency appeals and claims of mental illness, impairment or ineffective counsel, among others.

Jones ate three pieces of fried chicken, potato logs with tartar sauce, beef jerky bites, three Butterfinger candy bars, a chocolate milkshake with Butterfinger pieces and fruit punch. Williams requested three piece of fried chicken, potato logs with ketchup, nachos with chili cheese and jalapenos, and two Mountain Dews.

Williams admitted responsibility to the state Parole Board last month, saying: "I wish I could take it back, but I can't".

The two men are the second and third prisoners killed in April in the state that had initially planned to execute eight prisoners in 11 days. Their attorneys argued that the drug midazolam does not effectively prevent a painful death. FILE - This combination of file photos shows one of the three drugs that the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) purchased to perform several executions.

Baker heard testimony from attorneys for the inmates, Jones' spiritual adviser and an official with the attorney general's office.

Four cases are on hold, pending appeal.

Last week, Arkansas executed Lendell Lee, a man who received woefully inadequate representation throughout his case and who claimed his innocence until his death. He maintained that he was innocent. Before this month, Arkansas hadn't executed anyone since 2005. The ranked seventh in the organization's list, behind Egypt, although the Arkansas executions could help lead to a higher ranking.

The human rights group Amnesty International called the killings "heinous" and "shameful".

Both men were served last meals on Monday afternoon.

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