Selfridges range BlackBerry KEYone exclusively

The Black Berry KEYone looks to be BlackBerry's best phone in years

The Black Berry KEYone looks to be BlackBerry's best phone

Eager beavers will be able to pre-order the BlackBerry KEYone starting May 18 from select partners. It will be sold by a number of major Canadian carriers such as Bell, Bell MTS, Rogers, SaskTel and TELUS for $199 CAD when purchased on a two-year contract.

BlackBerry spun out what was left of its handset division in September, retaining the platform and security teams but allowing licensees to pick up the challenge of designing and marketing BlackBerry-branded phones. The BlackBerry KEYone will also become available later at the majority of carriers in Europe. In the USA, buyers will be able to get an unlocked CDMA or GSM handset for $549. For now, the smartphone manufacturer is celebrating the United Kingdom release of the BlackBerry KEYone at Selfridges, London. Being the first BlackBerry device from TCL, all eyes - okay, maybe like a dozen eyes - are on the new KeyOne to see exactly how good or bad it is. The KEYone's keyboard offers 52 customizable shortcuts that "transform each letter key for quick access to your favorite apps and most important contacts", the company claims.

Despite the wishes of many in the smartphone community, BlackBerry isn't dead yet. We also know it will cost $549 whenever it launches. The biggest difference between the BlackBerry KEYone and the Curve and Bold lines is the fact that it runs on Android.

The KEYone has made headlines recently thanks to its capacitive QWERTY keyboard, a rare commodity in this day and age. Well, BlackBerry has released its successor (sort of) and it's called the BlackBerry KeyOne. There is an 8-megapixel front facing camera with a wide-angle lens and a flash module.

Elsewhere specs could be considered lower-than-flagship status, with a full HD display with 3:2 ratio, Snapdragon 625 processor and 3GB of RAM. This means BlackBerry KEYone users will enjoy a powerful combination of optimized battery efficiency and usage and fast LTE speeds for super-fast file sharing.

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