March for Science events to take place around the globe

Thousands of scientists and science supporters marched down Biscayne Boulevard in Miami

View Slideshow Thousands of scientists and science supporters marched down Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. Amanda Rabines

The protest was initiated by United States scientists acting against the president's proposed cuts to research budgets, as well as his team's scepticism about climate change and the need to slow global warming. "I think on the top of the list has been a sense of urgency [to defend] scientific integrity and having science at the table in making policy decisions that affect all of our daily lives".

March for Science rallies are taking place all across the country Saturday in a response to what organizers call an attack on "scientific freedom". There were tents set up before the march where participants learned about issues affecting science in fields including climate, health and technology. Wow!#sciencemarchsf #marchforscience ScienceMarchDC March For Science SF (ScienceMarchSF) April 22, 2017 Today on Earth Day, we celebrate our attractive forests, lakes and land.

Scientists from across MA are planning to gather on the Boston Common at 1 p.m. for a rally. Fellow Republican President George W Bush highlighted the need to address climate change in his statement and Barack Obama mentioned the term five times in his 2016 earth day statement.

Marchers in Geneva carried signs that said, "Science - A Candle in the Dark" and "Science is the Answer". Chants of "science, not silence" could be heard.

But she marched anyway because she anxious about her baby's future in a world that seems to consider science disposable.

Tibbetts said the president's self-stated view that climate change is a hoax has her anxious about the future for her children.

"We are heading in the very wrong direction but I think we can make a turn in the right one", said Joey Smith, 9, holding a sign featuring Kermit the frog that said, "it's easy being green".

Behrooz Bajestani, a civil engineer, held up an image of Earth with the words "protect us" covering the planet.

The scientific community's direct involvement in a national policy debate has stirred some criticism about whether scientists should get involved in politics.

Ice photographer and filmmaker James Balog, who says he was watched trillions of tons of ice melt, told the Washington crowd: "We shall never ever surrender".

NY joined cities around the world where activists marched to defend science from attacks including USA government budget cuts.

Demonstrators gather as they participate in the March for Science rally on Earth Day, in Santiago, April 22, 2017.

Tens of thousands hit the streets of San Francisco Saturday to march for science.

Thousands of people joined a global March for Science Saturday with Washington the epicenter of a movement to fight back against what many see as an "assault on facts" by populist politicians. In the past Trump has described climate change as a hoax stifling policies created to promote economic growth. March for Science is the latest in a series of national demonstrations staged since Trump's inauguration almost 100 days ago. He hopes the rallies lead to change. "I'm also a queer transgender man", he said. "Odd as it would have seemed just a few years ago, this recast Earth Day also revived the democratic feel of the original".

The billionaire property developer sought to defend his team's environmental plans in the statement, saying: "Rigorous science is critical to my Administrations efforts to achieve the twin goals of economic growth and environmental protection".

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