Facebook's AR Studio Tool Enables Real-Time Augmented Reality For Sports Videos

"A key part of that journey is making an open platform where any developer can create anything they want", he further added.

Franklin announced the platform at Facebook's annual developer conference, F8, on Tuesday.

The social network announced several new products at its F8 Developer Conference in San Jose this week, with a strong focus on virtual and augmented reality.

"The unique thing that we're going to do is we're not just going to build basic cameras, we're going to build the first mainstream augmented reality platform".

AR Studio includes tools for building masks, animations and advanced scripted effects.

They can then invite other friends to hang out in "spaces" where they can have virtual reality chats.

Facebook has big augmented reality plans, and it wants to use its software to help developers create new AR experiences.

Zuckerberg instead devoted the bulk of his Californian keynote yesterday (18 April) to augmented reality (AR), which he described as Facebook's second act.

AR software is already available on smartphones: displaying information over a monument, for example, placing virtual objects in the physical world, like Pokémon Go, and transforming images, like Snapchat's filters, to generate amusing effects on people. Facebook added special effects cameras to its core apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Facebook also launched a virtual world, called Facebook Spaces, created to let users of its Oculus Rift VR headset hang out with their friends wherever they might be. He also said that "Even though we were a little slow to add cameras to all our apps, I'm confident that now we're going to push this augmented reality camera forward".

Facebook is also organizing them in a new Discover area so they're not taking up a lot of space in a user's Messenger app but can be searched for or browsed through. People can watch Facebook content with friends in VR, including 360 videos, draw in the air with a virtual marker, and phone a friend in the real world with Messenger video calling to bring more people into the VR space.

Facebook Spaces can be downloaded from the Oculus Store.

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