Government proposes unique identification number system for cows in India

Aadhar for cattle? Centre proposes 'Unique Identification Number' for each cow progeny

Government proposes unique identification number system for cows in India

"The UID number should have age, breed, sex, lactation, height, body, color, horn type, tail switch and special marks details of the animal".

It also added, "Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, has devised a method of tamper-proof identification of cattle using polyurethane tags with a unique identification number sequence".

The government has told the Supreme Court that millions of cows will be tagged with a tamper-proof plastic tag linked to a national database in a bid to curb smuggling within India and beyond its borders. Unique identification numbers will help track cows and prevent their smuggling, a committee appointed by the home ministry said Monday, amid a raging debate provoked by mob attacks by cow vigilantes in many states. ET reported that, "That almost one lakh technicians are fanning out across the country since 1 January, and will affix a tag containing a 12-digit unique identification number inside the ear of every single cow and buffalo in the country - all 88 million of them". "This will help in reducing smuggling", the Centre stated in the report. "Already mass tagging of cattle for insurance goal is being done by Livestock Development Boards & Animal Husbandry Department of State Government..." Every Kanji house, the committee has recommended, may have a full time veterinary doctor and staff for its effective running and maintenance.

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Apart from these, the Centre has also floated the idea of increasing the fine payable for violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Favouring increased penalty under the PCA Act, it has said that "penalty to be increased from Rs 50... make all offences under the Act cognizable".

The Committee has noted that due to "economic inter-dependency" of large segment of population on both sides of the border, they develop propensity for smuggling, with illegal cattle trade forming a major part. Assam with 33,619 seized cattle figured second in the list.

The panel has suggested that "state governments bordering Bangladesh may prohibit livestock markets within 20 km distance from worldwide borders".

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